Review: Butter London Nailpolish

Decided to mix it up a bit with a non-edible product review.

Recently our local healthfood shop closed down. I was pretty devo…until they opened up again down the road, in a space about 4 times the size. It’s actually amazing. So I was having a look around there the other day and I picked up some nail polish called Butter London.

The colours caught my eye and I was feeling festive – and it was payday – so I bought three. Not cheap at $17.95 each but very beautiful and unique colours. I know I should be supporting local business but I will admit since then I have bought 3 more from ebay for about 2/3 of the price.

My favourite ones are the metalics. They have by far the best coverage and the most beautiful colours. Aside from black, red is always my go to and there are a lot of choices in shades but this one is my fave at the moment:

Knees Up

My pick: “Knees Up”

Other colours I love so far are Blagger, Macbeth and Yummy Mummy.

I have also tried a green glitter called Swinger which I don’t rate as highly. The full glitter with clear base is always a difficult nailpolish and this one isn’t the best. The coverage is not so good and the glitter is very rough and gets caught on things, causing the nailpolish to chip a lot. There is a range of ‘duochrome’ and these only one of these I have is Scouse which is really nice but very light coverage and not nearly as bright as it looks in the bottle. Very subtle.

The other thing I love about this range is that it’s not ‘quick dry’ but does actually dry very quickly. I can’t really be trusted to not ruin nailpolish before it dries but these are quite safe, even on my hands!

Overall, although I wouldn’t buy any more of the glitter range, I want ALL the others! Some of the most beautiful nailpolish I have ever used and I my collection will certainly expand.

Rating: 4/5 Rons

Rating: 4/5 Rons

– Mandy


One thought on “Review: Butter London Nailpolish

  1. Hahaha I LOVE the “Rons” ratings! Absolutely adorable! Thank you for reviewing this nail polish, I had seen this as well and quickly backed away after seeing the price. But after your review, I too may try it out for myself.

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